Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hobson Montana

Cattle country along the Judith River.

The Judith was named by William Clark.

She was his teen aged sweetheart back home.
He and Merriweather Lewis returned to St. Louis in 1806 with their scalps intact.
Clark soon married young Julia Hancock.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Bout Them Colts

I've been seeing some nasty remarks about the Colt's skipper.
Some say he was bought; I don't know, he's not a Senator
Some say the owner/owners sent word down stairs and sold'em out.
Some are saying Vegas betting was involved.
And these weren't Colts fans.

I don't have an opinion, but I'm disappointed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You know-------

My great grandmother had an old dog named U-no (You Know)
People would ask her the dog's name
She would say "U-no"
They'd say "no I don't know, what's his name?"


This is plow point is called a buzzard wing. It is attached to a plow stock much like the middle buster. This plow sweeps the middles between the rows but unlike the middle buster, it makes a shallow cut as it uproots all the weeds.

Mule ran away

This contraption is called a middle buster. You just bust down between the rows of corn, cotton or whatever ripping up the grass and weeds. A plow that turns the soil to one side only, it would be a breaking plow.
For those under age forty.
Has no handles

Please Come To Boston

Taken one windy night in Nashville; time lapse
Three states of Tennessee
Love my native state but the Mississippi flag is more attractive

We're outta hot water Martha

As most of you know, the Romans brought their water into the city through aqueducts and used lead pipe to disburse it to homes and baths etc.
The Latin word for lead is "plumbum"
Thus the word plumbing
The chemical symbol for lead is "Pb"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Wanna Be Meeeeee

My house is that one near the center.
I refuse to be like everyone else.
My door is red.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dihydrogen Oxide

South of Cutbank------east of Missoula------North of Helena----
West of Hobson

Hum up Doc

This seat came from some mule drawn implement down in Mississippi. Then it was given some legs of its own. You can lead it to water but - - -

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Many people get the blues during Christmas season.

Long ago when a ship's Captain died at sea, the ship sailed into port under a blue flag.
This is said to be the origin of the term.

Common Sense

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

Mark Twain

Never Heard of Him

Who was George Mifflin Dallas?
Well, it seems he was Vice President of the United States.
James K. Polk from Tennessee needed a running mate from the north so Dallas was chosen.
Yes, there is a city in Texas named for him.
Who'd-a thunk it?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Epitaph of Milt MacPhail

"A victim of fast women and slow horses"

The Law

"In the United States as well as in Europe one branch of the legislature is authorized to impeach and the other to judge: the House of Representatives arraigns the offender, and the Senate punishes him. But the Senate can try only such persons as are brought before it by the House of Representatives, and those persons must belong to the class of public functionaries."

De Tocqueville


"Do what you may, there is no true power among men except in the free union of their will; and patriotism and religion are the only two motives in the world that can long urge all the people towards the same end."

De Tocqueville

Social Justice

"There is , in fact, a manly and lawful passion for equality that incites men to wish all to be powerful and honored. This passion tends to elevate the humble to the rank of the great; but there exists also in the human heart a depraved taste for equality, which impels the weak to attempt to lower the powerful to their own level and reduces men to prefer equality in slavery to inequality with freedom."

De Tocqueville

Who Gives Liberty

"Liberty regards religion (American Christianity) as its companion in all its battles and its triumphs, as the cradle of its infancy and the divine sources of its claims. It considers religion as the safeguard of morality, and morality as the best security of law and the surest pledge of the duration of freedom."

De Tocqueville writing "Democracy in America"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Speaking of citizens in a free society:

"Education, as well as charity, has become in most countries at the present day a national concern. The state receives, and often takes, the child from the arms of the mother to hand it over to official agents; the state undertakes to train the heart and to instruct the mind of each generation. Uniformity prevails in the courses of public instruction as in everything else; diversity as well as freedom is disappearing day by day."

Alexis De Tocqueville circa 1850

Congratulations Montana Grizz

What a ballgame; that was a slug fest on the banks of the Clark Fork River. These boys beat a tough team, but then a dog is meaner in his own yard. Good luck in Chattanooga.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Second Hand Store

Ahh, there's nothing like going to the junk store on a rainy Saturday and prowling through the book section. It's even cheaper than and I do a lot of business with them. You would be surprised how many old classics are waiting there to be read again. I like the old hardcovers with a signature of a soul who is long departed. My eyes and imagination will trace the same lines as the previous owner, hopefully with as much enjoyment. I wish I had known years earlier what good friends books can be.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lets Build a Tower

I was thinking of that old Bible story about the Tower of Babble. Now, Fred, Bob, and Jim are minding their own business, just building a tower to heaven with a couple hundred other guys and several cases of beer. The Big Guy in the sky doesn't like it. All of a sudden Fred begins to crave fried rice. His name is now Ping Lu Cho. Bob who is now Pierre turns to him and says"hand me another brick, sil vous plait."
Cho replies, "what did your call me?"
Then everyone on the scaffolding erupts in screaming epithets that no one else understands and no one likes the other's tone.
Jim, who is now Van der Hoot throws a wooden shoe at some cat named Juan and heads north to do something practical like build a dike to hold back the ocean.

We think about this story and may believe it is more outrageous than Jack And The Bean Stalk or
It could be that they were building an observatory "A Tower To Heaven" Astrology if you will.
We think to ourselves, "what a bunch of dummies," to believe in the magic of the Cosmos. Then we as Christians, meet someone and exchange signs. "I'm an Ares" he says, never thinking that astrology has crept into his life. I'm not throwing rocks at anyone, I've done it myself years ago.
My daughter ran into some church ladies the other day. They wanted to start a new Bible class. She asked "What's The Study? One answered " Social Justice'
She knew immediately that she had no business in a class using a Communist Theme.
Just say'n. Keep your guard up. Stuff is creeping in like a leaking boat.
I don't get on this religious stuff too often, but like Van der Hoot, I give a dam.

Come Fly With Me

Before you jump on the next airline you may want to Google "Flight 297" and the intimidation of passengers by, how do you say, people of other national origin and religion.
Just be nice and they won't hurt you or bring charges.
I caught this on American Family Radio this week.
Why haven't you heard about it?

The American Mind

Americans refuse to admit that another is more intelligent, a better leader, higher bred and so forth. He will not defer to the other man's ability. Instead he consoles himself by asserting that he is equal. "We are all equal!"
Our Government leaders love these words, encourage these words, then under the guise of equality they pass more laws and take away more freedom.

From De Tocqueville

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rising Son

At the top of the Washington Monument 555', there is an inscription that faces the rising sun each morning. It reads "Laus Deo" Glory to God.
That stone mason probably didn't know about separation of Church and State.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Inalienable Rights

Some earlier versions of the Declaration of Independence used the word "inalienable." The final version used the word "unalienable." These words have identical meaning. Our National Administration, House, and Senate have forgotten its definition.
The founders made it clear that our freedoms are not allowed to us by some law, but by an Almighty Creator.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

But Rett, what will I do?

Jamie and I stopped at an old farmstead near the Scapegoat Wilderness, Montana. This fence or lattice on an old hay barn reminded me of a fan some fair lass back in the antebellum era. The fan is across her face. She flirts with her eyes only.

Trees Are Interesting

Someone gave me some acorns a few years ago. I was told that they were Swamp White Oak
Quercus bicolor.
I sprouted a few of them and now have one in my front yard, nine feet tall. It's cool to have an oak that you don't run across so often.
By the way it is a Swamp White Oak.
Now that A.C.O.R.N is a dirty name, I am using the Old English pronounciation aecern. Southerners never stopped using it.

Santa, I want a Trike

Saw a brand new Harley Trike in the showroom. Maroon, big, nice with storage trunk, all the bells and flutes. A mere $ 29,000.00

Pelham Harley Davidson

I stopped in to visit the Harley Store In Pelham Alabama yesterday. Most of these stores are happy to serve their customers. These folks went out of their way to help me. The service guy took me around and introduced me to another fellow who promptly came out with a 2006 service Manuel.
I have to think a long time before I drop $ 60.00 for a how to book, but it is true that if we are treated well, we will be much more likely to spend our money in their store.

Whether you sell hamburgers or Harleys, if customers are special, then you are special.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help I'm Melting

Hey, check out the Manhattan Declaration

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fathers Forgive Your Sons

Today I was reminded of the old Hemingway story. A father in Spain had been at odds with his son for a while. Eventually he took out an add in the paper. It went something like this. Paco, meet me at the Hotel Montana on Tuesday, all is forgiven. He found eight hundred young men waiting at the hotel longing for forgiveness.
No need to explain what doesn't need explaining.

Don't know your name, but I wrote it for you

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bird House

Here is a little cold water flat we're offering for chicken feed

Large Catalpe Tree

This large Catalpa tree is in front of my parent's house. A Tennessee Forester told them that it was one of the largest in the state of Tennessee.
I don't know about that but for those who don't live where these grow, the Sphinx Moth lays eggs on the leaves. By mid summer caterpillars by the hundreds are eating away the foliage. Catfish love them.
There are two species of Catalpa. Catalpa bignonioides, and Catalpa speciosa. I believe this is the latter.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

992 Civil War Generals

I was looking at a list of Civil War Generals and where they were buried.
Stephen Dill Lee was listed but his resting place wasn't
I couldn't respond to the website
S.D. Lee is buried at Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi
First president of what is now Mississippi State University

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes They Can

Mark Levin was giving the history of the Cloward - Piven Strategy CPS yesterday.
In 1966 two professors from Columbia University devised a scheme to overload the country's welfare system in order to crash the government. Their system worked so well that in the early 70"s for every two workers there was one on welfare in New York City. New York filed bankruptcy in 1975.

Now you are witnessing the strategy on a national scale. Community organizers have used the poor as soldiers to make overwhelming demands on government. The health care bill, should it pass as they want, may be enough to crash the economy. There are far more foot soldiers this time around. ACORN and SEIU are only two of them.

To pull this off they must have the House, Senate, and a President who will sign it.
So -------maybe they can't

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Low Class

Don't you get tired of hearing about the upper class, the middle class, and never a whisper about the low class.
I know some low class people. Most are politicians in the upper class.

Good To See Danielle

Being schooled as an Educator many of the fraternity secrets were revealed to me.
Socialists got in on the ground floor of America's education system. They have worked it masterfully to their advantage.

It's just a countdown to Christmas, uh Holiday

I have an interesting exercise.
Approach five different kids "who know you well"
Ages eight to whatever
Mention Thanksgiving
Ask them who they are supposed to thank and for what

Monday, November 23, 2009

Conservatives Must Make A Fuss

Americans distracted by making money and seeking personal comforts and pleasures:

"If at that critical moment some able and ambitious man grasps the supreme power, he will find the road to every kind of usurpation open before him."

(That Leader) "Above all, he must ensure public tranquillity: men who are possessed by the passion for physical gratification generally find out that the turmoil of freedom disturbs their welfare" "The fear of anarchy perpetually haunts them, and they are always ready to fling away their freedom at the first disturbance." "I cannot forget that all nations have been enslaved by being kept in good order."
"A nation that asks nothing of its government but the maintenance of order is already a slave at heart, the slave of its own well-being, awaiting only the hand that will bind it."
Alexis De Tocqueville 1840

Ginkgo biloba

I was passing by the local funeral home and detected a foul odor. Naturally I slammed on the breaks to see if Hubert was putting the trocar to a body. Hubert has been taking gold crowns from the mouths of the dead for purt near twelve years now. He says he will soon have enough to buy his Uncle Ed's farm and John Deere tractor. But I digress.

Hubert wasn't there. As I looked around I discovered that the pungent odor was coming from across the road. There on the ground was a pile of fruit dropped from a ginkgo tree. The fruit looks like persimmons but smells like old gym shorts. That's why nurseries sell only the male trees. Being educated in Horticulture I ignored the fact and picked up some fifty fragrant fruit.

Now all I have to do is plant the seed and wait ten years to see which ones are female and cut those down. Maybe I'll get lucky and grow twenty five male plants.
Sometimes I'm amazed at my intelligence

Nationalize Health Records

Hey, I know, lets put every body's health records on a national computer. Then with simple review, The Government Health Agency could see that you have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness on and on.
Then we can predict who's children and grandchildren will inherit the greater number of serious diseases.
Maybe they would become a burden.

Mississippi Higher Education

What if the Citizens of the Sovereign State of Mississippi put a stop to tenure in its Universities?
What if the Colleges and Universities had to reflect the ideals of its public?
What's that you say? "but we couldn't get PhD's from Harvard!"
That's my point.

Get Educated

In the coming weeks check into

On This Date

On this date in 1936 Life Magazine began.
It featured the building of Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri in Northern Montana.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson Oh My

Give whatever reasons or excuses you please. You three who claim to be conservatives will assume your place in history with all the others who conspired to bring down a great people.

The door was yours to close on the Health Takeover Scam.

To borrow a phrase "I'm trying Ringo. I'm trying real hard. "

To respect your office and person

One of you was bought outright

All three believe you can vote "Nay" from here on and keep your jobs.

Big Governent

"The task of the governing power will therefore perpetually increase, and its very efforts will extend it every day. The more it stands in the place of associations, the more will individuals, losing the notion of combining together, require its assistance:"

De Tocqueville
Second Book P. 108

Join the club

In a democracy where everyone is equal, the individual man is extremely weak.
Citizens form all kinds of Associations for all kinds of purposes because men must find others of like mind to influence society or promote business or their pastime.
Newspapers are a must for a free society. They support associations and associations support newspapers. Newspapers that offend people have the same effect as they do agreeing with them.
de Tocqueville

Providence, Laws, and Customs

De Tocqoqueville noted that America is founded and maintained upon three things:

(1) Providence
(2) Laws
(3) Customs

Would it be fair to say that these corner stones are eroding?

Give'a Give'a Give'a Ipod

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Animal Rights

Those of you who read my incoherent ramblings know that I have this love hate relationship with commercials.
One that bugs me now is that sad TV commercial about dogs and cats in shelters waiting to die. They are humanized with their own captions like, "what will happen to me." My dog doesn't give a shit what will happen in five minutes. She wants bacon Now!
My brain is not sequential. I think of numerous subjects spawned from this one well meaning commercial. The first is remembering my dad and other men of the community taking sick or violent dogs for long walks and coming back without them. We were poor but we made the chore as humane as possible. Now we are enlightened "wink wink" and the world is even more violent.
Dogs and cats now have human characteristics while the elderly and unborn are more dehumanized to lower forms. No one is singing sad songs on TV while children are dismembered screaming " what have I done to anyone?"
Be careful what you support. We're all dispensable as Government decides.

Friday, November 20, 2009

God's Own

This past Wednesday after a business meeting in Birmingham we went over to Hoover for a night of bowling. There were twelve of us on three lanes. Occupying two lanes next to us were some twelve or fifteen retarded adults. Most seemed to enjoy themselves. A few didn't know what to do. The few times I rolled a strike a little man sitting within toughing distance with eyes unknown to hate, looked up and gave me a pat on the arm as I walked back to get another bite of pizza. He got a return pat from me just because. The because isn't that I am good.
It came to me long ago that these were Gods special creatures incapable of sin. One of them innocently waddled over to my lane as I was setting up and dropped a slow roller a few feet down the lane before it guttered. Someone led him back into to fold. I happened to strike on the bottom of the frame. It didn't matter any - just a game.
In a while they left in three groups. Another man reached out and shook my hand. I smiled and returned the gentle grip. and watched him shuffle out the door with four foot eleven friend who wore a fedora and a trench coat.
I'm sure I did my part of sinning that day, I want to get my part in, but I hope that God will never look down on me with sadness because I disrespected his special ones.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Colts Pats

The Colts just beat the Patriots 35 - 34 in a wild one.
The Colts were so far behind I almost turned off the TV.

A Girl Could Feel Special On Any Such Like

Took Red Molly out for a ride this afternoon. The weather was almost perfect.
Ready to take on the world next week.

Now Norton's and Indians and Greeve'is won't do.
They don't have a soul like a Vincent 52.


It looks like the once soverign State of South Carolina was just slammed by a Federal Judge over their auto tag with stained glass window and cross.
I had already decided some months ago that I had no choice but to dedicate at least one year to educating myself to this country's founding and history.

Alexis De Tocqueville made his observations very clear about America's Governments. He noted that Federal Govt. had a very narrow but powerful duty to perform. Mainly national defense, assisting commerce, and taxation for those purposes and other necessities.
It was explained to the French writer my numerous influential Americans that States would attend to their own affairs.
He warned then that there could be a clash between Federal and State in the future.
Unless you have been under a rock for decades, you must have noticed the Federal takeover of many local decisions, schools for example - - - Carter made Education a Cabinet Post !!!
Separation Of Church and State is a falsehood, but now the uneducated (most of us) believe it.
The founders perhaps didn't foresee the number of atheists and non-Christian immigrants in our future. I understand that everyone in Hawaii enjoyed state sponsored "Muslim Day."

Hey Guys, Aim First

Well, Is anyone surprised to discover that Sgt. Mark Todd was the officer who pumped four rounds into the Ft. Hood terrorist, he no doubt is a patriot, not a hero? The U.S. Army played the politically correct game, latching on to a female as a hero. Yes, there was a lady that quickly gave aid to the wounded as I understand it and she is a fine citizen, not a hero.
I have a wife, house full of daughters and granddaughters. They are everything to me.
But using prejudice and falsehood to make up for real or perceived injustices of the past is leading society toward a backlash we don't want to see.

OK, I feel better now. Hey Hun, run out and rent us a movie, you know, one where the cute blond kicks hell out of twenty men.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Palin's Book

A peek into Palen's new book suggests that her handlers prevented her from speaking from her heart.
In ancient Greece, rhetoric or public speaking was a big deal. There were three ways to approach public speaking. (1) logos - logic, largely Palen's approach (2) ethos - the speakers reputation is the basis for appeal. That leaves out 99.487331% of politicians. (3) pathos - using emotion to move the audience. I'll let you fill in that blank. "pathology"
I like Palin's morality and politics.
My ridicule is aimed at two established political parties.

Can you imagine handlers pushing around Jefferson, Madison or Washington?

Speed of Light

I was kicking around the sporting goods store today looking at all the firearms like a kid in a candy store with only two pennies in his pocket.
While looking at a box of amo, the owner walked over and said, "These bullets are hot. They are so fast that they arrive before they leave." I put them back on the shelf.

Monday, November 9, 2009

17th amendment revisited

De Tocqueville put it something like this in the mid 1800's after visiting America.

Some day America will have to allow state legislatures to choose our National leaders more frequently or our ship of state will perish on the shoals.

Not only have we not moved in this direction, we have moved in the opposite direction. De Tocqueville commented on how vulgar the Congressmen were compared with the Senate. He believed that State Legislatures were better able to choose men with some learning which they did according to the Constitution. Much later we passed the 17th Amendment giving all the power to the masses when selecting Senators. The masses want something for nothing. Publicly elected officials will give it to us.

Direct all responses to - Alexis De Tocqueville, Smartville France

See you next weekend

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sunday Ride

Today was absolutely beautiful. 72 degrees. I fired up "Red Molly" and headed toward Pirate's Cove, via one of my favorite back roads. It ran along the flood plain of the Tombigbee, in and out of sunlight, forest to field to forest. Flitting fallen leaves had gathered on the shaded pavement so Harleys would blow their skirts up. Life's cares chased me like barking curs but they soon flagged and headed for home.
It's true that life's about sun and shadows, field and deep woods, not least of all, it's about happiness and snarling dogs, hiding under the porch.
On this perfect Mississippi day rumbling pipes spoke truth. Dogs can't bite on a curving autumn road.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Oppressed Have Purpose

"Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government"
James Madison

The founding fathers assumed Americans were to work for their bread. Christianity and its influence would help the poor. Now government is an all consuming charity organization using stolen funds. Christianity has been supplanted to an extent. It is weakened and gagged. It builds too many buildings and assembles myriad committies to no use, but continues to do good. History tells us that Christianity is at its best when horribly persecuted. I can envision Christianity thriving in the not so distant future, albeit underground.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Scott

Everyone knows the Dred Scott case in the 1850's. Many do not know that Missouri, a slave state set free this run away slave. The case was reversed in a St. Louis Court then appealed to the supreme court. You know the rest of the story. They could have refused it

A candidate who was half genious, half neandathal was elected president and a few million folks bit the dust.

A well known attourney stated not long ago "just let the Feds get involved and they will make it worse"

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey, how's ye mama'nem? = that is to say "How are you? Is your family well?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helena Is Not Well

For some unknown reason while driving home today I came across National Public Radio. Sometimes I check in to see what the Commies are up to on my tax dollar. I should get used to it since it may be the only radio my new government will allow me to listen to in the near future. But that's for another day.
To my surprise the talk was a subject very close to me. Some lady from the Pubic Network was interviewing the Mayor of Helena Montana, a Mister Smith. If you can tell anything by a voice, he struck me as a nice guy. I could hear the deep concern in his voice. Entire mountain sides of standing dead trees cast a pall over the beautiful city of Helena. The citizens are sick over what is happening to their beautiful country. I visited my daughter and family there last month. It is death in Biblical proportions. Those of us who love the forests can scarcely bear to look upon such carnage brought on by bugs numbering just under the national dept. Some citizens are screaming global warming. Some just try not to look. The mayors attitude is pretty much, it doesn't matter who or what the cause, we must take action. For the sake of my family and this beautiful region, I hope these little tree killers suffer the coldest winter on record.

A River Runs Through It

The Big Blackfoot

"The reef of rock was two feet under the water, so the whole river rose into one wave, shook itself into spray, then fell back on itself and turned blue. After it recovered from the shock, it came back to see how it had fallen"

Norman Maclean

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cass Sunstine

There have been a lot of people hurling verbal stones at Cass Sunstine lately. Cass runs The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the White House. Just because he believes a farm animal should have legal representation against its owner is no reason to cass-tigate him. You don't think sheep have feelings? You think you can pull the wool over their eyes? Ewe know something, when Susnstine, wins this fight, people won't be crowing so loud.
Sunstine also wants to abolish marriage, divorce society from all primitive notions. People will just date and procreate and stuff; $600.00 for every new baby. Hurry before this offer ends. When you think about it, this guy has a point, other than the way his head was cass in the mold. This whole marriage thing is so--so-- Capitalistic.
I have some concerns though. My Cousin Roy operates a garment factory that makes wife beater shirts. There goes thirty more unemployed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Free Pony

Surely you've seen the commercial where one little girl gets a toy pony and seems happy until she sees that the other girl is getting a real pony. And the little boy who gets a red truck to play with but only for a minute and its taken away. Or the little girl who gets to ride a new bike but only inside a small square block.
So what is different about these new TV commercials?
To answer that question you must understand that probably thirty percent of our population believe we are living in a "Post Modern" society, that is to say "truth doesn't exist." Twenty percent doesn't know what's going on. In graduate school I was told that bright children "create new knowledge" rather than discover or unlock knowledge that is already placed in the universe, you know, like gravity. These postmodernists believe that since there is no truth, make your own. One of the many symptoms of Postmodernism is to make fun or spoof everything, in art, education, politics and on and on.
Though it is just a commercial, innocent little children are being ridiculed and insulted. We may flinch just a little at this sight but we don't truly recognize what the atheistic movement is doing. Perhaps that's why child rapists are getting two year sentences. Evil destroys innocence. Tradition and law in the eye of these people are a joke, the Constitution for sure. They shout "its a living changing document so they can change it. The best example we've seen of postmodernism, instead of a national leader exchanging precious gifts with the heads of other countries, he blows off custom for the new way, and gives Ipods.
If you and your neighbors feel the earth shaking beneath your feet, you should at least know why.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I heard Jamie blasted two pheasants this weekend. Some say it was with one shot-----22 rifle-----or was it a rock and sling---head shots-----behind his back------blindfolded----barefoot-----on horseback.

Southerners do tend to embellish as we pass along facts, but I believe there is some truth in this report.

Good Manners

Lord Moulton once said, and I paraphrase, "there is Law on one side and Free Choice on the other. In the middle are Manners. When Manners diminish, you will have Law or Chaos."

Meatless Mondays

I saw on CNN where PETA was urging schools to introduce meatless Mondays.

So, me and the boys at the hunting camp have introduced. Mad Cow Monday, Dolphin/Tuna Tuesdays, Wacky Wednesday Bratwurst, Wild Game Thursdays, Trans-Fat Friday, Slaughter Burger Saturday, and Side meat Sundays.

Pass me that sawmill gravy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweat Lodge Deaths

The deaths from heat exposure in the spiritual sweat lodge last week hit me as so unnecessary, but then many premature deaths are unnecessary and often self inflicted.
What caught my eye, on TV was a Native American lodge with a yen and yang painted on it. This told me volumes. Someone was mixing Eastern Mysticism with Native American custom, a pinch of this and a cup of that to bring in people searching for meaning.

What is it about us, why will we pay thousands of dollars to some stranger who promises to help us find the way when Truth is free, literally under our noses. Perhaps it is the free ticket price that is so revolting.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Hate Crime Law

While all you working stiffs were beating your brains out today the Dems in the House slipped hate crimes legislation through on the back of the Defense Bill. You'd better watch who you punch in the mouth, and by the way the list is shocking, because you could go up the river for a long while. If one of these protected minorities punch you in the mouth ------well, that's different.
What happened to equal protection under the law?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scottish Saying

"May your bottom never be used to stretch a banjo."

Ancient Gaelic Scots

Do you know your State Capitols

A tyrant has a thousand ways to fool an uneducated public, but first he uneducates.

Such Is Life

A man once said that our lives are the dashes on our tombstones between the date of birth and death. The numbers aren't important, only the dash, that is to say, what did we do with it.

"To snow that falls upon a river
A moment white - then gone forever"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Irish Saying

May you live as long as you want
and never want as long as you live


Chilton County

Last Thursday I had a great drive down a long ridge extending from Prattville/Montgomery all the way to Centreville Alabama. I asked three different locals the name of this high ground near the sky. I was told it didn't have a name. But there must be an old man somewhere who remembers a forgotten name of such a fine piece or real estate sprinkled with peach orchards.

Countless yellow wild flowers lined the highway. Every petaled face watched the sun blush and hide behind the trees. For almost two hundred years wagons have lumbered down this high road, and before that, the Creeks and Alabamas walked it's narrow path. All travelers kept to the high ground avoiding the muddy creek bottoms. Interestingly those moving westward toward the Rockies learned to follow the rivers avoiding the rocky ridges.

Chilton County Alabama, sweetest peaches in the south

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pride Comes Before The Fall

It seems that when men make outrageous boasts the universe is unforgiving.
Fighting Joe Hooker with superior numbers boasted that he would crush Lee or send him retreating at Chancelorsville. He stated "My plans are perfect." Of course Lee won his greatest victory against all odds.
A man was heard to say that "God himself couldn't sink the Titanic."

In 1866, Capt. Fetterman rode out of Fort Phil Kearny in Northeast Wyoming with soldiers to protect woodcutters who furnished fuel for the fort. Fetterman had twenty seven cavalry, forty nine infantry and two civilians with repeating rifles. He had boasted to his superior that with eighty men he could ride through the entire Sioux nation.

Soon the Sioux warriors appeared in numbers Fetterman was sure he could defeat. Against orders he pursued the fleeing Indians up the Bozeman Trail out of view from the fort. He soon found himself in a trap by overwhelming numbers. The entire column was wiped out.

Concerned Moms

Moms and grandmoms who are concerned about your children's future,

check out the new --- Lori Parker started this site less than a week ago. It was 5, 700 about two hours ago before it was featured on TV

These girls will probably march on Washington. Get on this wagon. It's going to make history.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


"Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience."
"Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property."

"Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty. -- - -when we replace home education by social."

"there is too much civilization, too much means of substance, too much industry, too much commerce.'
"No boundaries between countries."

Karl Marx

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shoes on a cow

I had a professer who used to say 'I didn't know that man from Adam's Off Ox." Ole Adam lived long ago of course and maybe he had a yoke of oxen. When walking with a pair of oxen, the one nearest you is naturally called the Near Ox and the one on the other side is called the Off Ox. I doubt if anyone could tell you that steer's name.
But if you need to have your oxen shod here is the place, down town Virginia City Montana.
This fellow appears to be a blacksmith, wainwright (wagon maker), wheelwright and farrier.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Varina Montana

Virginia City was a boom town without any law. A Vigilance Committee was established to control claim jumpers, robber, thieves, killers and the like. They came up with a Motto.
It was 3-7-77. We don't know what it means. Some think it means the depth of a grave and the measurements of a coffin. If you look closely at the insignia on a highway patrol car in Montana or the patch on the patrolman's shirt you will see 3-7-77.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Virginia City Montana

Some good ole boys from the South, sank a pick in Alder Creek near Bannock in the Idaho/Montana Territory striking gold. They went to Bannock to gather more supplies to return. It's difficult to keep such a big secret. Many people followed them to the area. The boys established a town one mile from the gold fields and decided to call it "Varina" for the First Lady of the Confederacy, Varina Howell-Davis, wife of Jeff Davis. When they went to register the town a Connecticut Yankee Judge wouldn't have it. He changed the name to Virginia City.
My guess is this Judge would have been for Govt. health care and Govt. wagon companies.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacation Time

It's time for a road trip.
I didn't realize the 9-12 protest against Tyranny was scheduled for the Dist. of Disaster
Gonna see my grandchildren and be a general nuisance for a few days
We're driving soooo----------- where is the world's largest ball of aluminum foil located?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'll never complain again

I was reading where John Adam's daughter had a mastectomy at age 47 without benefit of anesthesia. If those were the good ole days ------

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pert Near Broke

Oops, the government missed it.
Our ten year budget was two trillion dollars low
What'a heck, crank up those presses

Heard this some time ago on radio--- picture this - Billy Bob Thornton's character in "Sling Blade"
He's a car salesmen - in his voice.

I'll tote tha note fer ye if I don't give out first, mmmm hmmmm

Friday, August 21, 2009

416 Main Street

Human Race

A man who's name I forgot stated the other day that America hasn't been great because of its diversity. Our Greatness comes from our Commonality.

Cubs Sold

I just saw where the Cubs and the ivy covered walls were sold, all but five percent to the Ricketts family, better known as TD Ameritrade

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loudon Wainwright III

Wainwright is the profession of wagon making.
In this case it's music. Loudon Wainwright III has some beautiful stuff out there. I don't know if he is country, folk, or just himself, but I was impressed with what I heard today while rolling through Tuscaloosa.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C'mon Lads, lets ride

Half a league, half a league

Half a league onward

All in the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred

Forward the Light Brigade

Charge for the guns, he said

Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred

Crimean; what a war; lets see, Russia vs England, France, Ottomans, and some
Sardines (with hot sauce) did I leave out anyone? You get battle fatigue from reading it. The Rooskies did learn one thing. Their surfs who were thrown into the war got their buts kicked, by free men from France and Brittan. This was the beginning of the end for serfdom in Russia; you could say "surf's up"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jus Stuff

I'm finishing a book that I started two years ago.
"John Adams" by David McCullough
He sure wasn't a rock star like some politicians of today
Actually he was a stick in the mud
The differences in the founders and the Richard Heads we have today is - They were truly educated. They would scoff at a Harvard Education in these times
These guys did fight like cats and dogs. Jefferson, a states rights man hated Hamilton who wanted Central Government to run everything.
It's interesting that we have been fighting about States Rights since the beginning. This past week prooves the point. This is one area the Founders should have nailed down beyond doubt.
Then again, the Tenth Amendment should have

Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul

Ain't got no house, ain't got no car

I got me a 1950 Les Paul guitar

Won't you take it Mister banker?

Won't you bury my papa for me

Lynyard Skynyard

Les Paul died yesterday at the age of 94

Every wild guitar riff you ever heard was brought to you in great part by Les Paul.

As far back as 1926 he was putting telephone receivers and phonograph needles beneath guitar strings to amplify the sound. He is credited with the beautiful studio overlays and reverbs.

Les came up with the first solid body electric guitar. It was a plank with a barn door hinge, a pickup, and a string. This eventually became the Gibson Les Paul. The 1950's vintage are worth over $ 30,000.00. Keith Richards and Jimmy Page used them to name just a couple. The Fender Company picked up the idea and many rockers played them.

Les earned 36 gold records. Just think, without Les there wouldn't be a Hendrix, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The next time you hear a great rock song, give a wink to Les up there rigging an electric pickup to a harp.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Broken Lawnmower

I'm really bummed. Saturday my lawnmower ran low on oil and the piston stuck in the cylinder. How I will have to fork out another $175.00 for another one. Note my cap placed at the bottom of the piston after it was removed.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Southern Word for today

The Scottish word - Faut =In today's English language it means Fault.

Down here in the south many will still say, "it's not my faut."

The more I look at words from the old country, the more I want to know about other words,
customs, music, attitudes etc our forefathers brought to this country.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few good men

In 1924 Bill Havens was the favorite to win the Gold in rowing at the Olympics. He found out that his wife was to have a child during the time he would be away. He decided to stay home and see his child born, forfeiting the possible medal.

In 1952 Bill got a wire from his son Frank. It was from Helsinki. The message said, " Thanks for waiting around for me to get born in 1924. I'm coming home with the gold medal you should have won."

Frank Havens had won gold in the 10,000 meter canoeing.

I don't believe Bill would have been the type of guy to do a choreographed dance in the end zone or stand at the plate and watch his home run go out of the park. Bill was a man.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kayaking Record Drop

Did ya'll see pictures of Tyler Brandt from Montana who rode his kayak over Paloose Falls in Eastern Washington? A new world's record (186 ft. drop)

It reminded me of the movie "A River Runs Through It"
Something about Montana.
Is this act akin to Norman McLean's statement that smoke jumpers have an Icarus complex?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Graduation - U. of Montana

When I attended Lori and Jamie's graduation back in the 90's, one of the speakers or perhaps The speaker was Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, a Native American Historian born in Lodge Grass Mt, 1913 (Crow). I enjoyed his talk though I don't remember a word.

Anyway, scientists scanning the Little Bighorn Battlefield a few years ago found a cheek bone and part of a skill. It had Native American features. Since the body was left on the battlefield, they knew it wasn't a Sioux, Cheyenne, or Arapaho, for they would have been removed by their people.
As Custer entered Medicine Tail Coulee before the battle, the Crow scouts realized what was coming and pulled off their uniforms wishing to die as braves, not soldiers. Arikaras and Crows they were - Half Yellow Face, Goes Ahead, Hairy Moccasin, White Man Runs Him, Curley and White Swan. They removed themselves from danger to distant ridge.
In trying to figure out who's skull this was they remembered a halfbreed by the name of Mitch Boyer who stayed with Custer and died, so the bone was identified. Mitch had earlier saved the life of Joe Medicine Crow's Step-grandfather, White Man Runs Him.

Tears In The Darkness

Yey ya'll. I'm back although I did sell a lung to pay the technician to clean up a nasty virus we got over the e-mail. Watch out for this stuff!

Tell James IV that I found a new book while watching C-Span this weekend.
It is called "Tears In The Darkness"
It's another history of the Bataan Death March, but this time the husband and wife team interview Filipinos, Japanese Soldiers, and of course Americans.
The most information came from Ben Steele in Roundup Montana who was an artist and has drawn sketches of his unspeakable experiences. Wouldn't it be cool to drive out to visit with him?
But I suppose hundreds of others have the same idea and have or will intrude on his privacy.

How I wish I had spent more time talking with T. Derryberry. He would have talked a lot more.
(Don't put off stuff!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ok, so I'm a motorhead

YouTube - 55 chevy 6sec
Can I drive it just one time, please, please
Give you a Barlow knife

YouTube - Gandy Dancers

YouTube - Gandy Dancers
All together now
I gotta gal that lives on a hill---huuuuu

I'll let you figure out what jelly roll means

Uncle Nile sees Craig coming across the yard and says -
"Here comes that d---- ole railroad man"

It's hard to find a corner

Silo House in Utah - grain silos rock! Modern House Designs

What about lightening?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

John, Marsha, John, Marsha, John Marsha

YouTube - 1935 John Deere

Reminds me of a simpler time

High Speed Rocket

YouTube - SP 4449 4-15-07 crossing at Roberts, Oregon

"She's long and tall and handsome
and loved by one and all.
She's a modern combination called
the Wabash Cannonball."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Congress Passed the Cap & Trade - Sock it to us

Final Vote Results for Roll Call 477

Look at the role call. See if your Congressman put the screws to you. There were a hand full of Republicans who joined the Dems to raise every facet of our energy, heating, cooling, natural gas bills, coal may be in danger and coal state's workers. We're talking about outrageous taxes to force you to stop using energy, become semi third world in living standards. If the Senate doesn't stop this Marxist bill you are screwed. We're screwed. These people presented a 1,200 page bill, then at 3:00 am. just before the vote, they threw in a 300 page amendment so almost no one would know what underhanded moves they were committing.
If the Senate passes this tree hugging bill, a lot of jobs are going to leave this country. Industry can't stand that much taxation.
By the way this bill says that every new home built in every county and village in the U.S. will abide by California building codes. Houses will have to meet code before they can be sold.

Bachmann warns America what's Ahead

RealClearPolitics - Video - Bachmann: Cap-And-Trade Is Choice Of "Liberty And Tyranny"

This Congresswoman should be considered for President. I've been watching here carefully for several months. She's the real thing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Smack A Fly

By now everyone knows the Pres killed a fly in front of millions. I for one am outraged. Do you realize that just a few days ago that fly was a baby. Yes, he was a maggot. Horrors. A maggot is just one step on the evolutionary ladder above a Congressman.

Boxer slams a General; Prefers the name Emporer

Barbara boxer embarrassed a Brigadier General this week. He was calling her mam. That is military protocol, and the highest respect for a woman but Boxer probably wouldn't know that.
Ms Boxer interrupted the General to tell him that he should call her Senator because she worked so hard to earn it.
I've been hearing a lot of names for Boxer around that water cooler and it ain't Senator.
Can you imagine how much mud this General had to crawl through, overseas duties he endured, battles he took part in?
And this lifetime blue state Senator looks down her nose at him. Politicians are three for a dollar depending on which knobbiest you talk with. They can be picked up on any used car lot.
Watch her revert back to a female victim if the water gets too hot.
By the way, how did the Senator Boxer address Secretary of State Rice?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clay Allison

Clay Allison

The famous gunslinger Clay Allison was born in Wayne County Tennessee. At that time my family lived a few miles away in adjoining Hardin County, a place called Pittsburgh. Yankees called it Shiloh. There are different stories on Allison's early years. Some say he had a head injury that was aggravated from time to time. It became evident during the war that he wasn't able to tolerate artillery fire.
Others say that he was just a little crazy and very dangerous when drinking

We have a saying down here "He needed killing." Although Mr. Allison may have killed 15 men, according to him he never killed anybody that didn't need killing. Personally, I'm with Allison. Anarchy is always better that totalitarianism.

Her Name Was Lola

My granddaughter May has a giraffe named Lola. She was once a "Show Girl" but that's another story. May doesn't go anywhere without Wowa.

People have asked why the tallest animal in the world doesn't have a stroke when it lowers its head to drink. Why doesn't it get dizzy when lifting the head. Well, it's not perfectly clear but the animal has a heart that weighs between 22 and 26 lbs, enough to pump blood some 15 feet to its brain. It seems that unlike all other mammals, the giraffe actually has muscles along the jugular veins that regulate the blood flow. Its good to know that Lola won't be loosing her head, well, not because of blood pressure anyway.

YouTube - James Blunt - 1973

YouTube - James Blunt - 1973

Great bass line

Confederate Cemetary Macon Mississippi

Our staff is leaning a bit and the colors are fading. The old men used to take care of these sacred places. We boomers have not taken up the cause of remembering these places like out fathers.
There are several rows of Union dead. There are probably all Midwesterners.
I had difficulty zooming in on two of the pictures.
Here is probably a local boy who attended VMI and lived to be an old man.

10th Texas Cav. buried in Miss

I stopped by Macon on the way home. There is a cemetary here for Civil War Dead. This boy was just seventeen. He was probably mortally wounded at Shiloh or Farmington.
The 10th Texas Cav. took part in many battles. This was the first of many

Sunday, June 14, 2009

House Finches Are Growing

Just to let you see what three days make in the lives of baby finches. As you can see they are completely covered in down and have grown immature wing feathers. I can't get them to smile.
Taken two days agoPosted by Picasa

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Route of the Phoebe Snow

YouTube - Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man

Phoebe Show was a fictional lady on advertisements for the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad. People especially ladies had grown tired of being covered with coal soot while riding trains. The DL&W owned vast interests in anthracite coal mines in Pennsylvania. Anthracite is a clean burning coal as opposed to the softer and high sulfur grades.

Says Phoebe Snow
About to go
upon a trip to Buffalo
"My gown stays white
from morn til night
Upon a road of Anthracite"

She reappeared in 1949 as a passenger train running from Hoboken to Buffalo. After a merger with the Erie in 1960 her route was extended to Chicago. She ran until passenger trains fell out of favor in 1966. (The Route of Phoebe Snow)

Steve Winwood

YouTube - Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin'

Steve Winwood was fifteen when he dropped out of school to join his older brother in that band we know as the Spencer Davis Group.


Breaking the sound barrier is nothing remotely new. No one knows when man first broke the speed off sound. In Florida and Georgia men were known for driving cattle using bull whips to goad them along. When the tail of the whip pops in mid air it is traveling faster than sound.
You can fill in the rest of the story.

YouTube - Zombies - Tell Her No

YouTube - Zombies - Tell Her No

The Zombies were just one of many British groups invading America in the 60's. Their biggest hit was "She's Not There" in 1964 and this one in 1965. Their last was "Time of the season" in 69.
They featured a piano/organ player heavily influenced by jazz. Their cool lead singer was Colin Blunstone.

Fascism Can't Happen Here

Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's henchman, was a devout animal rights man
Nazi Germany smothered Christianity and created a State Religion
Despite what we've been taught in Universities, Hitler was 100% Socialist
He believed in the powerful rise of his race
Lots of Ari an Studies - instead of bringing all races in the country together, he drove wedges
Eugenics was rampant, that is, improving the human species by interfering with what they viewed as evolution- destroy all undesirable humans, crippled, sickly, sterilization
Holistic medicine was very popular - natural healing of all types
His government frowned on any tobacco use
Vegetarianism was encouraged
The Christian belief of having dominion over nature was discouraged - man was believed to be just a part of nature
There was a special race of people in Germany that one couldn't criticize
There was another race held up to ridicule
Hitler formed partnerships with industry
Labor shared in the profits of Capitalism
To quote a famous American Politician - children are citizens, citizens are children
He forced the population to drive the little "peoples car"
Youth and fitness was idealized - German Youth
Kindergarten was popular - the sooner Hitler could get children into the State Schools, the sooner he could indoctrinate them to his beliefs
The State was Utopian, the individual was a small gear in the machine - the hole of population was wonderful but the individual could be bullied
Whip up the masses to overcome Capitalist rulers
Aren't we glad these things don't happen here

Many points taken from J. Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fix Me Two Over Easy

Nest of the House Finch in the hanging fern outside our window

No they weren't in this weathered Blue Bird house
They hatched a couple of days ago. As some of you know, birds that are hatched in nests off the ground are termed as altricial from the Latin - alere meaning to nurse.
They are blind, naked and helpless
Birds hatched in ground nest are called precocial. Generally speaking, their eyes are open, they are fully down covered and able to run within hours and look for food. The term is from the Latin praecox - meaning early ripening. Is creation cool or what----I mean, can you believe two rocks collided and caused this?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miranda For All

Just when you thought-----------
Enemy combatants caught in Afghanistan will now be given Miranda rights.
Heck, I'll chip in for a lawyer
Build'em a habitat for uuuhhhh house
Food stamps
Cool tennis shoes
Pack of Camels-----------------------------------Lucky Strikes
Gift certificate to Hooters
Electric car---Bamamobile with twin plug-in's and parachute
Free Tim G. tax service
Voice lessons
Round trips home on business
Speaking tour
Write a book

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chuck E's In Love

The gravel voiced Tom Waits was friends with or involved with Rickie Lee Jones. She had a friend named Chuck E. Weiss.

Lets talk southern

Four (4) in the Scottish language is = fower and it is pronounced in two syllables.
Now close your eyes and imagine cousin Nan pronouncing the number 4.

Some of the words we use down here are frighteningly close to the Scots, Middle English, Welsh, probably Irish.

The Midwesterner would say " at all"
The English would say " a-toll"
The Southerner would say " a-tall"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Load your own bullets

Roy lives down the road from me. He's never done anything except draw a monthly disability check, deer hunt, trap, cut timber, snake logs, father seven kids and make a little whiskey. Anyway, he had killed so many deer that it just wasn't a challenge. He shot them with the gun over his shoulder using a mirror, between his legs, blindfolded; he's long bowed, crossed bowed, speared, wrestled (even with his bad back), spear gunned, snared, you name it.

He began loading his own amo. He developed a bullet that sped through the air creating the venturi effect or something similar. Really. So he loaded one of those magic bullets and headed out. He caught a huge buck in the edge of a corn field, shifted his dip to the other side, slowly took aim and squeezed off. The bullet passed in front of the buck's nostrils and instantly sucked all the air from its lungs causing their total collapse. Unfortunately a doe stepped up close enough that she passed out from the lack of oxygen. Roy performed mouth to nose and brought her back. Then he took out his knife and made a slice across the buck's gonads. That old buck gasped in terror returning air to its lungs, gathered his feet and bolted, leaving Roy holding a case knife in one hand and a gonad in the other. I was having tinder-loin and eggs at his house when he told me. I told him that he was a d---- lier. He gave me that nasty little smile showing those three teeth. I ran to the door and spat out what I thought was badly prepaired loin a minute earlier and tried to keep the rest down.

Roy leaned back in his dining chair and said "I'll call this my nut and bolt story"

You know, he hunted ole "One-der-boy" for years; from time to time Roy saw his huge tracks on a muddy road crossing but that one cylinder buck never again came out in the light of day.

Railroad hand car

My mother has a toe sack full of old sayings that young people wouldn't understand. For example, a Hand Car is a rolling platform used on the railroad. A man stands on the platform and pumps the handle to move himself down the rails checking for washouts etc.

Now Shift:

Years ago country folks were able to take their jacket, bandanna, etc and wave down a passenger train, pay their fare and ride.

My mother used to talk about how few clothes she had to wear. She would say " I ain't got enough clothes to flag a hand car"



Have any of you checked out Steven Baldwin's new radio program. I haven't, but heard about it a couple of days ago. A six week reality show began (Major Network) in Central America this past Monday. Steven plans to donate all his winnings (if he wins) to little kids in Africa or something. Winners are voted on by viewers.

Alec Baldwin doesn't seem to be as nice as his brother Steven.
Talk about opposing views, Christmas dinner must be tough.

George Tiller

Poor George finally took one for the cause. Some unstable guy busted a cap in his ---. Of course the bible thumpers were blamed.

I'm not even thinking about taking sides. I'm wondering if out of 60,000 babies, did any one's body get too far out of the birth canal, maybe hundreds, did any open their eyes to the light, how many broke into crying before he could push the cold steel into the base of their brains. What a drag if some of these moms heard the cry and couldn't forget it. Maybe the Doctor had music playing throughout the clinic to drown out mistakes. Just stuff I ponder.

There are strong polarities in our society, those who are convinced that truth is relative or nonexistent and those who believe that truth is absolute. All human activity will gravitate toward one pole or the other.

The Unwashed

A movement gaining at least some popularity in England is called de-baptizing. It seems that Christianity just doesn't fit into modern society.

St. Peter - "Boy, where's your membership card"
Brit - "Uhhhhhh, my dog ate it"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boeing 747, Space Shuttle Images, Photography, Stock Pictures, Archives, Fine Art Prints

Boeing 747, Space Shuttle Images, Photography, Stock Pictures, Archives, Fine Art Prints

The space shuttle dropped by for a visit at Columbus Airforce Base yesterday (6-2-09) on its way to Florida. He must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Actually it has passed through Columbus several times. I seem to always be somewhere else when she piggy-backs into town. Friends on the north side of town tell me the 747 was roaring.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleasure or Reality

Freud discovered the "pleasure principle." If a person is confronted with facing reality that is often upsetting or turning to pleasure he or she will choose pleasure most of the time.
I wanted to test this theory so I have been bringing up the possibility of hyperinflation and a loss of personal wealth to people I know. It is safe to say that eight out of ten people I approach appear not to know current events, say very little, and often change the subject.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pontotoc Mississippi

The Chickasaw Nation ranged from south of Memphis (Chickasaw Bluffs) angling south of Tupelo to what is now the Alabama line some ten miles north of Columbus Ms. Their territory went north across West Tenn. up into what is now Paduca Ky. My understanding it that there were large villages in Pontotoc and Tupelo.
In the winter of 1540-41 Hernando de Soto's expedition came upon one of the main Chickasaw camps. Desoto demanded 200 women to carry supplies and offer other services for the remainder of his journey. The entire village of males attacked the Spaniards and drove them out. These people were much feared by the Choctaw, and stood their ground against the Creek
Indian removal in the 1830's forced the tribe West. They took their belongings and slaves to Oklahoma
It is said they never lost a major battle until Elk Horn Tavern while fighting with Gen. Earl Van Dorn's Confederate Army.
Pontotoc is thought by some to mean =The Place of Hanging Grapes however further examination seems to indicate the word comes from the Chicksaw - ponti meaning cat-tail
and tokali meaning battle - Battle Where The Cat-tails Stood

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blue Angels

The man who holds the right wing of the Blue Angel formation is always a Marine.

The military has so many traditions. Twenty One is the highest number and silver is more precious than gold.


I have a friend who flew planes just after WWII came to a close. He flew several kinds because he was delivering them to different bases. The Corsair when taking off and landing tilts 12 degrees above the horizon therefore the pilot can't see over the nose especially on an aircraft deck. He is 5'6". He said that he opened the cockpit of some plane designs and hung his head out to see where he was landing since he sat on a wooden seat that wouldn't adjust.
This navy fighter had an eighteen cylinder Prat-Whitney engine with a two stage turbo, 100 hp per cylinder and flew speeds up to 470 mph. It had a 13'4" propeller to get maximum use of its power. The navy had to build a special inverted gull wing to prevent the huge triple prop from hitting the deck when taking off and landing. It carried six 50 cal Browning machine guns. Tracers were never used because the flash obstructed the pilot's vision. What a beautiful bird.
Remember all those who flew

The Cat Bird Seat

As a kid I explored the woods and fields around our home. I was fascinated how birds would impale lizards and insects on the barbed wire fences. (now a quick shift)

The famous baseball announcer Red Barber was born in Columbus Mississippi. He worked for the Reds, Dodgers, and the Yankees, perhaps others. Red began what we call "play by play" announcing.
He coined the term "in the Cat Bird Seat." This is a sports term meaning you have your opponent where you want him.
Like many people Barber thought that it was the Cat Bird, with its catlike meow to the end of its song that impaled its victims, but the Cat Bird is shy and stays in the cover most of the time. The cruel bird is actually the Logger Headed Shrike. He crucifies his victims and sits on his favorite perch to watch over his domain.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks To All Veterans

Today I called my Dad in Tennessee. He is eighty seven, a veteran of WWII and Korea. It is Memorial Weekend. I've been thinking about him and so many others of that greatest generation, those who grew up during the depression.

He told me that back in the thirties his family tried to eat a groundhog. He said, "It was so tough that you couldn't stick a fork in the gravy."

I try to call every Saturday. One day before too long there won't be an answer.
My sincere appreciation to all good fathers; my eternal thanks to veterans, the dead, the living, the shattered, and the old ones fading away.

Bonnie and Clyde

Seventy five years ago today Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed near their hideout in Bienville Parish Louisiana. Bonnie Parker was an honor student from Rowena Texas. She had married Roy Thornton. They split but never divorced. She died wearing her wedding band. Clyde Barrow
was from Telico Texas where he and his brother began a life of crime early. From 1931 to 1934 the Barrow gang pulled off small time robberies across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and parts of the Midwest. Clyde's favorite weapon was a Browning Automatic Rifle, BAR.
Texas lawmen swore to get the couple. It appears they did the killing without any warning. Later they said two Louisiana lawmen were with them for jurisdictional purposes. Who knows.
May 23, 1934

An Old Irish Tune

The Southern Confederacy adopted a song that rivaled "Dixie" as their anthem. The song was
"Bonnie Blue Flag." The tune came from an Irish song called "The Irish Jaunting Car"

I wonder is Matt could play that on his bagpipes

Friday, May 22, 2009

Johnny and Edgar Winter

I believe the first blues album I purchased was by Johnny Winter.
Johnny and Edgar Winter's grandfather was a cotton merchant in Leland Mississippi. Being a family of some means the cotton dealer sent his son to VMI. The son came home but didn't stay in the cotton business. He went into the military and met his wife in Beaumont Texas. They lived a while in Leland but moved back to Beaumont where Johnny and little brother Edgar were born. Both were albino but they had extraordinary talent when it came to music. Edgar was the first man in Rock-n-Roll history to use a synthesizer. His trademark song was "Frankenstein." If you "Youtube" Edgar Winter and find his live performance, he will show you how to play every instrument on stage.
Johnny has been a pioneer in blues. If you listen to some of his music you may, like me, believe that Stevie Ray Vaughn as a kid listened to Johnny's music. This cat can play.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Youth In Asia

I was also told that euthanasia wasn't a Chinese Rock Band, but with the new health care system, I may get to experience it.


I just found out that waterboarding wasn't an Olympic sport.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roll the presses

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."

Barron M.A. Rothchild

How many trillion since Janurary

Neshoba County

The Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi has long been a week of horse racing, festivities for all ages and THE place where politicians come to stump. First held in 1889 the fair has long been a stage for State politicians. President Reagen, then a candidate, spoke at the Neshoba Fair.

Neshoba in Choctaw means wolf.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go West Young Man

Reno Nevada is further west than L.A.

and I thought California was really out there

First Memorial Day

National Memorial Day is here.
In the spring of 1866 the ladies of Columbus, Mississippi carried flowers to Friendship Cemetery to decorate the graves of Confederate Soldiers who fell, probably mortally wounded at Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing.) After the battle, trains moved southward dropping off the wounded in Tupelo, Columbus, Macon, Meridian and all points in between. Many men who died in homes of these communities were buried in those towns.
While decorating graves of our fallen, the women looked over to the graves of the boys in blue with compassion for their sacrifice as well. They too were covered in the fragrance of spring that represents awakening, resurrection.
Other states argue that they were first but it seems to be agreed upon by most that Mississippi was first.
Francis Miles Finch happened to be in Columbus that day and was inspired to write the poem
"The Blue And The Grey"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need a lear jet

Pink Anderson b. 2-12-1900 in South Carolina. He started singing and playing blues at age fifteen.
Floyd Council b. 9-2-1911 in Chapel Hill N.C. He played blues along with his brothers around town.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stagga Lee

The song Stagger Lee goes back in Blues history a long way, recorded over 400 times. There are dozens of versions of this song as in many folk songs. It hit big in 1959 when recorded by Floyd Price, a black Korean war veteran.

Saint Louis Globe Democrat 1895 - William Lyons 25, levee worker was shot in the abdomen by Lee "Stag" Shelton.
Lyons died later of his wounds. Shelton was tried but the jury was hung.
(I didn't go into their archives to verify this)

I was standin' on the corner
When I heard my bulldog bark
He was barkin' at the two men
Who were gamblin' in the dark

It was Stagga Lee and Billy
Two men who gambled late
Stagga Lee threw a Seven
Billy swore that he threw eight

Stagga Lee told Billy
I can't let you go with that
You done won all my money
And my brand new Stetson hat

Stagga Lee went home
And he got his .44
He said I'm goin' to the bar room
Just to pay that debt I owe

Stagga Lee went to the bar room
And he strolled across the floor
He said you did me wrong Billy
And he pulled his .44

Stagga Lee said Billy
Oh please don't take my life
I got three little children
And a very sickly wife

Stagga Lee shot Billy
Oh he shot that boy so bad
That the bullet went through Billy
And broke tha bartender's glass

Go Stagga Lee, Go Stagga Lee

Youtube Stagger Lee Floyd Price

Montana fights for State's Rights

Millions of Americans are watching to see if Montana's State's Rights bill will win a future Supreme Court decision. Thomas Jefferson once said and I paraphraise "As long as Govt. fears its citizens our Republic is safe, but when the citizens fear the Govt. we're in deep Sh--.

Being just a cotton picker, I realize that I'm over my head when discussing court decisions, but

Dr. Mark Levin explained "Liberty and Tyranny" If I read it right and heard it again correctly, the Court ruled against a small wheat farmer in Wickard v Filbum in 1941. It ruled against this ole boy for growing wheat for his own consumption. In no way did he violate interstate commerce.

Levin says Roosevelt made one of the greatest power grabs in American History in this decision. Google it if you care to. Montana, I hope the Feds don't sucker punch you. It has an arsenal of power grab brass knuckles to choose from.