Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helena Is Not Well

For some unknown reason while driving home today I came across National Public Radio. Sometimes I check in to see what the Commies are up to on my tax dollar. I should get used to it since it may be the only radio my new government will allow me to listen to in the near future. But that's for another day.
To my surprise the talk was a subject very close to me. Some lady from the Pubic Network was interviewing the Mayor of Helena Montana, a Mister Smith. If you can tell anything by a voice, he struck me as a nice guy. I could hear the deep concern in his voice. Entire mountain sides of standing dead trees cast a pall over the beautiful city of Helena. The citizens are sick over what is happening to their beautiful country. I visited my daughter and family there last month. It is death in Biblical proportions. Those of us who love the forests can scarcely bear to look upon such carnage brought on by bugs numbering just under the national dept. Some citizens are screaming global warming. Some just try not to look. The mayors attitude is pretty much, it doesn't matter who or what the cause, we must take action. For the sake of my family and this beautiful region, I hope these little tree killers suffer the coldest winter on record.

A River Runs Through It

The Big Blackfoot

"The reef of rock was two feet under the water, so the whole river rose into one wave, shook itself into spray, then fell back on itself and turned blue. After it recovered from the shock, it came back to see how it had fallen"

Norman Maclean

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cass Sunstine

There have been a lot of people hurling verbal stones at Cass Sunstine lately. Cass runs The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the White House. Just because he believes a farm animal should have legal representation against its owner is no reason to cass-tigate him. You don't think sheep have feelings? You think you can pull the wool over their eyes? Ewe know something, when Susnstine, wins this fight, people won't be crowing so loud.
Sunstine also wants to abolish marriage, divorce society from all primitive notions. People will just date and procreate and stuff; $600.00 for every new baby. Hurry before this offer ends. When you think about it, this guy has a point, other than the way his head was cass in the mold. This whole marriage thing is so--so-- Capitalistic.
I have some concerns though. My Cousin Roy operates a garment factory that makes wife beater shirts. There goes thirty more unemployed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Free Pony

Surely you've seen the commercial where one little girl gets a toy pony and seems happy until she sees that the other girl is getting a real pony. And the little boy who gets a red truck to play with but only for a minute and its taken away. Or the little girl who gets to ride a new bike but only inside a small square block.
So what is different about these new TV commercials?
To answer that question you must understand that probably thirty percent of our population believe we are living in a "Post Modern" society, that is to say "truth doesn't exist." Twenty percent doesn't know what's going on. In graduate school I was told that bright children "create new knowledge" rather than discover or unlock knowledge that is already placed in the universe, you know, like gravity. These postmodernists believe that since there is no truth, make your own. One of the many symptoms of Postmodernism is to make fun or spoof everything, in art, education, politics and on and on.
Though it is just a commercial, innocent little children are being ridiculed and insulted. We may flinch just a little at this sight but we don't truly recognize what the atheistic movement is doing. Perhaps that's why child rapists are getting two year sentences. Evil destroys innocence. Tradition and law in the eye of these people are a joke, the Constitution for sure. They shout "its a living changing document so they can change it. The best example we've seen of postmodernism, instead of a national leader exchanging precious gifts with the heads of other countries, he blows off custom for the new way, and gives Ipods.
If you and your neighbors feel the earth shaking beneath your feet, you should at least know why.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I heard Jamie blasted two pheasants this weekend. Some say it was with one shot-----22 rifle-----or was it a rock and sling---head shots-----behind his back------blindfolded----barefoot-----on horseback.

Southerners do tend to embellish as we pass along facts, but I believe there is some truth in this report.

Good Manners

Lord Moulton once said, and I paraphrase, "there is Law on one side and Free Choice on the other. In the middle are Manners. When Manners diminish, you will have Law or Chaos."

Meatless Mondays

I saw on CNN where PETA was urging schools to introduce meatless Mondays.

So, me and the boys at the hunting camp have introduced. Mad Cow Monday, Dolphin/Tuna Tuesdays, Wacky Wednesday Bratwurst, Wild Game Thursdays, Trans-Fat Friday, Slaughter Burger Saturday, and Side meat Sundays.

Pass me that sawmill gravy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweat Lodge Deaths

The deaths from heat exposure in the spiritual sweat lodge last week hit me as so unnecessary, but then many premature deaths are unnecessary and often self inflicted.
What caught my eye, on TV was a Native American lodge with a yen and yang painted on it. This told me volumes. Someone was mixing Eastern Mysticism with Native American custom, a pinch of this and a cup of that to bring in people searching for meaning.

What is it about us, why will we pay thousands of dollars to some stranger who promises to help us find the way when Truth is free, literally under our noses. Perhaps it is the free ticket price that is so revolting.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Hate Crime Law

While all you working stiffs were beating your brains out today the Dems in the House slipped hate crimes legislation through on the back of the Defense Bill. You'd better watch who you punch in the mouth, and by the way the list is shocking, because you could go up the river for a long while. If one of these protected minorities punch you in the mouth ------well, that's different.
What happened to equal protection under the law?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scottish Saying

"May your bottom never be used to stretch a banjo."

Ancient Gaelic Scots

Do you know your State Capitols

A tyrant has a thousand ways to fool an uneducated public, but first he uneducates.

Such Is Life

A man once said that our lives are the dashes on our tombstones between the date of birth and death. The numbers aren't important, only the dash, that is to say, what did we do with it.

"To snow that falls upon a river
A moment white - then gone forever"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Irish Saying

May you live as long as you want
and never want as long as you live


Chilton County

Last Thursday I had a great drive down a long ridge extending from Prattville/Montgomery all the way to Centreville Alabama. I asked three different locals the name of this high ground near the sky. I was told it didn't have a name. But there must be an old man somewhere who remembers a forgotten name of such a fine piece or real estate sprinkled with peach orchards.

Countless yellow wild flowers lined the highway. Every petaled face watched the sun blush and hide behind the trees. For almost two hundred years wagons have lumbered down this high road, and before that, the Creeks and Alabamas walked it's narrow path. All travelers kept to the high ground avoiding the muddy creek bottoms. Interestingly those moving westward toward the Rockies learned to follow the rivers avoiding the rocky ridges.

Chilton County Alabama, sweetest peaches in the south

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pride Comes Before The Fall

It seems that when men make outrageous boasts the universe is unforgiving.
Fighting Joe Hooker with superior numbers boasted that he would crush Lee or send him retreating at Chancelorsville. He stated "My plans are perfect." Of course Lee won his greatest victory against all odds.
A man was heard to say that "God himself couldn't sink the Titanic."

In 1866, Capt. Fetterman rode out of Fort Phil Kearny in Northeast Wyoming with soldiers to protect woodcutters who furnished fuel for the fort. Fetterman had twenty seven cavalry, forty nine infantry and two civilians with repeating rifles. He had boasted to his superior that with eighty men he could ride through the entire Sioux nation.

Soon the Sioux warriors appeared in numbers Fetterman was sure he could defeat. Against orders he pursued the fleeing Indians up the Bozeman Trail out of view from the fort. He soon found himself in a trap by overwhelming numbers. The entire column was wiped out.

Concerned Moms

Moms and grandmoms who are concerned about your children's future,

check out the new website-----asamom.org --- Lori Parker started this site less than a week ago. It was 5, 700 about two hours ago before it was featured on TV

These girls will probably march on Washington. Get on this wagon. It's going to make history.