Monday, November 30, 2009

Fathers Forgive Your Sons

Today I was reminded of the old Hemingway story. A father in Spain had been at odds with his son for a while. Eventually he took out an add in the paper. It went something like this. Paco, meet me at the Hotel Montana on Tuesday, all is forgiven. He found eight hundred young men waiting at the hotel longing for forgiveness.
No need to explain what doesn't need explaining.

Don't know your name, but I wrote it for you

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bird House

Here is a little cold water flat we're offering for chicken feed

Large Catalpe Tree

This large Catalpa tree is in front of my parent's house. A Tennessee Forester told them that it was one of the largest in the state of Tennessee.
I don't know about that but for those who don't live where these grow, the Sphinx Moth lays eggs on the leaves. By mid summer caterpillars by the hundreds are eating away the foliage. Catfish love them.
There are two species of Catalpa. Catalpa bignonioides, and Catalpa speciosa. I believe this is the latter.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

992 Civil War Generals

I was looking at a list of Civil War Generals and where they were buried.
Stephen Dill Lee was listed but his resting place wasn't
I couldn't respond to the website
S.D. Lee is buried at Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi
First president of what is now Mississippi State University

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes They Can

Mark Levin was giving the history of the Cloward - Piven Strategy CPS yesterday.
In 1966 two professors from Columbia University devised a scheme to overload the country's welfare system in order to crash the government. Their system worked so well that in the early 70"s for every two workers there was one on welfare in New York City. New York filed bankruptcy in 1975.

Now you are witnessing the strategy on a national scale. Community organizers have used the poor as soldiers to make overwhelming demands on government. The health care bill, should it pass as they want, may be enough to crash the economy. There are far more foot soldiers this time around. ACORN and SEIU are only two of them.

To pull this off they must have the House, Senate, and a President who will sign it.
So -------maybe they can't

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Low Class

Don't you get tired of hearing about the upper class, the middle class, and never a whisper about the low class.
I know some low class people. Most are politicians in the upper class.

Good To See Danielle

Being schooled as an Educator many of the fraternity secrets were revealed to me.
Socialists got in on the ground floor of America's education system. They have worked it masterfully to their advantage.

It's just a countdown to Christmas, uh Holiday

I have an interesting exercise.
Approach five different kids "who know you well"
Ages eight to whatever
Mention Thanksgiving
Ask them who they are supposed to thank and for what

Monday, November 23, 2009

Conservatives Must Make A Fuss

Americans distracted by making money and seeking personal comforts and pleasures:

"If at that critical moment some able and ambitious man grasps the supreme power, he will find the road to every kind of usurpation open before him."

(That Leader) "Above all, he must ensure public tranquillity: men who are possessed by the passion for physical gratification generally find out that the turmoil of freedom disturbs their welfare" "The fear of anarchy perpetually haunts them, and they are always ready to fling away their freedom at the first disturbance." "I cannot forget that all nations have been enslaved by being kept in good order."
"A nation that asks nothing of its government but the maintenance of order is already a slave at heart, the slave of its own well-being, awaiting only the hand that will bind it."
Alexis De Tocqueville 1840

Ginkgo biloba

I was passing by the local funeral home and detected a foul odor. Naturally I slammed on the breaks to see if Hubert was putting the trocar to a body. Hubert has been taking gold crowns from the mouths of the dead for purt near twelve years now. He says he will soon have enough to buy his Uncle Ed's farm and John Deere tractor. But I digress.

Hubert wasn't there. As I looked around I discovered that the pungent odor was coming from across the road. There on the ground was a pile of fruit dropped from a ginkgo tree. The fruit looks like persimmons but smells like old gym shorts. That's why nurseries sell only the male trees. Being educated in Horticulture I ignored the fact and picked up some fifty fragrant fruit.

Now all I have to do is plant the seed and wait ten years to see which ones are female and cut those down. Maybe I'll get lucky and grow twenty five male plants.
Sometimes I'm amazed at my intelligence

Nationalize Health Records

Hey, I know, lets put every body's health records on a national computer. Then with simple review, The Government Health Agency could see that you have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness on and on.
Then we can predict who's children and grandchildren will inherit the greater number of serious diseases.
Maybe they would become a burden.

Mississippi Higher Education

What if the Citizens of the Sovereign State of Mississippi put a stop to tenure in its Universities?
What if the Colleges and Universities had to reflect the ideals of its public?
What's that you say? "but we couldn't get PhD's from Harvard!"
That's my point.

Get Educated

In the coming weeks check into

On This Date

On this date in 1936 Life Magazine began.
It featured the building of Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri in Northern Montana.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson Oh My

Give whatever reasons or excuses you please. You three who claim to be conservatives will assume your place in history with all the others who conspired to bring down a great people.

The door was yours to close on the Health Takeover Scam.

To borrow a phrase "I'm trying Ringo. I'm trying real hard. "

To respect your office and person

One of you was bought outright

All three believe you can vote "Nay" from here on and keep your jobs.

Big Governent

"The task of the governing power will therefore perpetually increase, and its very efforts will extend it every day. The more it stands in the place of associations, the more will individuals, losing the notion of combining together, require its assistance:"

De Tocqueville
Second Book P. 108

Join the club

In a democracy where everyone is equal, the individual man is extremely weak.
Citizens form all kinds of Associations for all kinds of purposes because men must find others of like mind to influence society or promote business or their pastime.
Newspapers are a must for a free society. They support associations and associations support newspapers. Newspapers that offend people have the same effect as they do agreeing with them.
de Tocqueville

Providence, Laws, and Customs

De Tocqoqueville noted that America is founded and maintained upon three things:

(1) Providence
(2) Laws
(3) Customs

Would it be fair to say that these corner stones are eroding?

Give'a Give'a Give'a Ipod

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Animal Rights

Those of you who read my incoherent ramblings know that I have this love hate relationship with commercials.
One that bugs me now is that sad TV commercial about dogs and cats in shelters waiting to die. They are humanized with their own captions like, "what will happen to me." My dog doesn't give a shit what will happen in five minutes. She wants bacon Now!
My brain is not sequential. I think of numerous subjects spawned from this one well meaning commercial. The first is remembering my dad and other men of the community taking sick or violent dogs for long walks and coming back without them. We were poor but we made the chore as humane as possible. Now we are enlightened "wink wink" and the world is even more violent.
Dogs and cats now have human characteristics while the elderly and unborn are more dehumanized to lower forms. No one is singing sad songs on TV while children are dismembered screaming " what have I done to anyone?"
Be careful what you support. We're all dispensable as Government decides.

Friday, November 20, 2009

God's Own

This past Wednesday after a business meeting in Birmingham we went over to Hoover for a night of bowling. There were twelve of us on three lanes. Occupying two lanes next to us were some twelve or fifteen retarded adults. Most seemed to enjoy themselves. A few didn't know what to do. The few times I rolled a strike a little man sitting within toughing distance with eyes unknown to hate, looked up and gave me a pat on the arm as I walked back to get another bite of pizza. He got a return pat from me just because. The because isn't that I am good.
It came to me long ago that these were Gods special creatures incapable of sin. One of them innocently waddled over to my lane as I was setting up and dropped a slow roller a few feet down the lane before it guttered. Someone led him back into to fold. I happened to strike on the bottom of the frame. It didn't matter any - just a game.
In a while they left in three groups. Another man reached out and shook my hand. I smiled and returned the gentle grip. and watched him shuffle out the door with four foot eleven friend who wore a fedora and a trench coat.
I'm sure I did my part of sinning that day, I want to get my part in, but I hope that God will never look down on me with sadness because I disrespected his special ones.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Colts Pats

The Colts just beat the Patriots 35 - 34 in a wild one.
The Colts were so far behind I almost turned off the TV.

A Girl Could Feel Special On Any Such Like

Took Red Molly out for a ride this afternoon. The weather was almost perfect.
Ready to take on the world next week.

Now Norton's and Indians and Greeve'is won't do.
They don't have a soul like a Vincent 52.


It looks like the once soverign State of South Carolina was just slammed by a Federal Judge over their auto tag with stained glass window and cross.
I had already decided some months ago that I had no choice but to dedicate at least one year to educating myself to this country's founding and history.

Alexis De Tocqueville made his observations very clear about America's Governments. He noted that Federal Govt. had a very narrow but powerful duty to perform. Mainly national defense, assisting commerce, and taxation for those purposes and other necessities.
It was explained to the French writer my numerous influential Americans that States would attend to their own affairs.
He warned then that there could be a clash between Federal and State in the future.
Unless you have been under a rock for decades, you must have noticed the Federal takeover of many local decisions, schools for example - - - Carter made Education a Cabinet Post !!!
Separation Of Church and State is a falsehood, but now the uneducated (most of us) believe it.
The founders perhaps didn't foresee the number of atheists and non-Christian immigrants in our future. I understand that everyone in Hawaii enjoyed state sponsored "Muslim Day."

Hey Guys, Aim First

Well, Is anyone surprised to discover that Sgt. Mark Todd was the officer who pumped four rounds into the Ft. Hood terrorist, he no doubt is a patriot, not a hero? The U.S. Army played the politically correct game, latching on to a female as a hero. Yes, there was a lady that quickly gave aid to the wounded as I understand it and she is a fine citizen, not a hero.
I have a wife, house full of daughters and granddaughters. They are everything to me.
But using prejudice and falsehood to make up for real or perceived injustices of the past is leading society toward a backlash we don't want to see.

OK, I feel better now. Hey Hun, run out and rent us a movie, you know, one where the cute blond kicks hell out of twenty men.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Palin's Book

A peek into Palen's new book suggests that her handlers prevented her from speaking from her heart.
In ancient Greece, rhetoric or public speaking was a big deal. There were three ways to approach public speaking. (1) logos - logic, largely Palen's approach (2) ethos - the speakers reputation is the basis for appeal. That leaves out 99.487331% of politicians. (3) pathos - using emotion to move the audience. I'll let you fill in that blank. "pathology"
I like Palin's morality and politics.
My ridicule is aimed at two established political parties.

Can you imagine handlers pushing around Jefferson, Madison or Washington?

Speed of Light

I was kicking around the sporting goods store today looking at all the firearms like a kid in a candy store with only two pennies in his pocket.
While looking at a box of amo, the owner walked over and said, "These bullets are hot. They are so fast that they arrive before they leave." I put them back on the shelf.

Monday, November 9, 2009

17th amendment revisited

De Tocqueville put it something like this in the mid 1800's after visiting America.

Some day America will have to allow state legislatures to choose our National leaders more frequently or our ship of state will perish on the shoals.

Not only have we not moved in this direction, we have moved in the opposite direction. De Tocqueville commented on how vulgar the Congressmen were compared with the Senate. He believed that State Legislatures were better able to choose men with some learning which they did according to the Constitution. Much later we passed the 17th Amendment giving all the power to the masses when selecting Senators. The masses want something for nothing. Publicly elected officials will give it to us.

Direct all responses to - Alexis De Tocqueville, Smartville France

See you next weekend

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sunday Ride

Today was absolutely beautiful. 72 degrees. I fired up "Red Molly" and headed toward Pirate's Cove, via one of my favorite back roads. It ran along the flood plain of the Tombigbee, in and out of sunlight, forest to field to forest. Flitting fallen leaves had gathered on the shaded pavement so Harleys would blow their skirts up. Life's cares chased me like barking curs but they soon flagged and headed for home.
It's true that life's about sun and shadows, field and deep woods, not least of all, it's about happiness and snarling dogs, hiding under the porch.
On this perfect Mississippi day rumbling pipes spoke truth. Dogs can't bite on a curving autumn road.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Oppressed Have Purpose

"Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government"
James Madison

The founding fathers assumed Americans were to work for their bread. Christianity and its influence would help the poor. Now government is an all consuming charity organization using stolen funds. Christianity has been supplanted to an extent. It is weakened and gagged. It builds too many buildings and assembles myriad committies to no use, but continues to do good. History tells us that Christianity is at its best when horribly persecuted. I can envision Christianity thriving in the not so distant future, albeit underground.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Scott

Everyone knows the Dred Scott case in the 1850's. Many do not know that Missouri, a slave state set free this run away slave. The case was reversed in a St. Louis Court then appealed to the supreme court. You know the rest of the story. They could have refused it

A candidate who was half genious, half neandathal was elected president and a few million folks bit the dust.

A well known attourney stated not long ago "just let the Feds get involved and they will make it worse"

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey, how's ye mama'nem? = that is to say "How are you? Is your family well?

Sunday, November 1, 2009