Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was quite disappointed when I found out that the Super Bowl wouldn't allow PETA to air its commercial.
After all, it was just vegetables.

Of course they had no intention of paying the exorbitent fee and still got air time.

I need a new leather jacket!!!!

Who Said The Glass Is Half Empty?

I was looking at some quick figures of German Inflation of the 1920's. It goes like this.

the German Mark vs the dollar in 1921------------- -37% (that's minus 37%)
I take that to mean three dollars to buy one Mark

1922------------ 6922% inflation of the Mark

Nov 1923------------ 381,700,000,000% WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inflation was so bad that workers demanded to be paid twice each day with a half hour to run out and buy bread. Eventually shopkeepers couldn't change the price of their goods fast enough.
Uh -----you know that seven trillion dollar stim-yours- and us package

Friday, January 16, 2009

How do you get to Difficult Tennessee

While in college east of Nashville some years ago, I took a weekend drive to see the Beautiful Upper Cumberland countryside. I eventually got lost. An old man was standing on the side of the road near a cable walking bridge leading from the highway to his cabin.

I pulled over, rolled down the window and asked "How far is it to Knoxville?"

He thought a minute and said "Oh bout three wagon greasings"

A steel tired wagon would need its wheels pulled after a certain amount of use. The owner would smear grease on the hub and put the wheel back on. After those directions I didn't know any more than I did before. (there is a Difficult Tennessee as well as Defeated, Ballplay, and Guys)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rood Eylandt or Rhode Island

I was poking around today and discovered that the official name of Rhode Island is actually Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Now ain't that sump'm! That's a lotta name for a place that would fit on Square Butte.

It seems that this cat, Roger Williams and the boys in his hood got tired of the church lady in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and bugged out for a place where they could have a cold beer every now and then. So Roge gets a chunk of land from the Indians for an Ipod and a bag of weed. You never hear any stories where the settler says "Chief this real estate is worth at least a million five, do you take plastic?"

Anyway the mainland of the state is actually the Providence Plantations and there are a couple of tiny islands out there floating around called Rhode Island.

Now you know the rest of -------------------------"The Boring Story"

does Rhode Island state of mind mean that I'm small minded?

Friday, January 2, 2009

You Think You Know Rock-n-Roll

YouTube - Bill Parsons (Bobby Bare) - All American Boy

If you are under 50 you probably have never heard this song. It was certainly popular in the late fifties especially in the South. The singer of course is Bobby Bare who was a songwriter and singer of mostly country ballads.

I think he was just having fun with this one. You will know who he is singing about.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The official site of Colonial Williamsburg - Rediscovering an American Icon: Houdon's Washington

The official site of Colonial Williamsburg - Rediscovering an American Icon: Houdon's Washington

I was watching some intellectual on C-cpan2 about Washington and Madison. Washington was six feet two while Madison was just over five feet. Both were giants as founders. Anyway Washington could take him in a wrestling match, but it is said that Madison was better in Trivial Pursuit.

I think this site is self descriptive, but I was impressed at how the sculptor captured Washington's attitude about avoiding total power as a dictator which was at his fingertips.

So here this ole boy is standing at a column. Now he may have had a few P's and Q's and needed a couple of props, but the point is there are 13 rods in the column bundled together at top and bottom. (13 states) He has hung up his sword on the states belonging to the people as well as his Army Cloak. He carries a civilian cane. Behind him is a plow share. This ole boy was more respected than ever after declining such power.

Who says art isn't important.