Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ballet

"Spandau Ballet" was the name of an English singing group.
It is said that the term spandau ballet was a running joke among German guards at Spandau Prison that described the contortions made by the Jews being gassed.

Others say it was the stumbling falling death of the Allies being hit by the German MG 42 machine gun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teenage Mothers

Teenage fathers
They can't be bothered
They run like water
From a mountain stream
"John Prine"


Just for grins, go on line and type in "inflation calculator." Put in an amount of money
example - $ 1000.00 Starting date 2000 Ending date 2009.
It will tell you how much buying power your money has lost. Try 1910
By the way, the Govt. has found a way to keep you calm. They do not include food and fuel in their calculations. These two are the best indicators of inflation.

Lakota Learning

Ya'll go on line and watch Russell Means' new video.
"Welcome to the Reservation"
I have been to this place where he stands and have read about it. Dee Brown wrote that the wounded and half frozen from the massacre were taken to a nearby church. It was Christmas. A sign on the wall read. "Peace on Earth, Good will toward men"
It's as much about the future as it is about the past.

Blue Light Special

Wal-Mart has joined forces with Homeland Security. Soon all stores will have more cameras.
You are also encouraged to report to management any activity inside or outside the store that doesn't look right.
The next time I see an old lady with a bumpy wheel and a box of tea bags, I'm reporting her.