Saturday, March 5, 2011

Church Bells To Cannon

In 1862 Edenton N.C. formed the Albemarle Artillery but it had no guns.
The War of Northern Aggression was well under way.
The unit asked for donations.

Brass bells came from the surrounding area to be cast into cannon.

Each gun in the four gun battery was named.

The St. Paul - a 12 pounder from the Episcopal Church

The Fannie Roulac - a 12 pounder named after a woman leader of the Methodist Church

The Columbia - a 6 pounder from a bell donated by the Tyrell Co. Seat

The Edenton - a 6 pounder from a bell donated by the Chowen Co. Courthouse

Obviously these bells took on more of a baritone or bass voice
The Fannie Roulac and the Columbia were lost during the war
The other two were surrendered with Joe Johnston in April of 1865

In 1990 the Edenton was discovered on display at Shiloh Military Park
In 1999 the St. Paul was found at Fort Niagra, N.Y.
After ten years of work both guns, half the battery, are back home.
These weren't the only church bells that went to the cause.

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